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Born in  Munich, Germany, I feel lucky to be raised in the beautiful nature of the Black-Forest .

After finishing Highschool and my Studies I left  Germany and 7 years of travelling and working  as a teacher overseas began.

I  very much enjoyed getting to know different  ways of culture, ways of life and thinking, different languages and  also surviving quite a few adventures.

In the  Bahamas I  taught children in all  ages as well as adults.

In South-Africa I got introduced to  Anthroposophy and  Curative Education,taught in a school for Deaf Children and in a Steinerschool .

In South-America, I worked  in a Steinerschool  in Montevideo.

Coming back to Germany I then was  passionatly involved in founding a small  Steinerschool,working as Class-and Subject teacher.

The question of Education as an Art has  always accompanied me.

Again, after 7years of  pioneerwork here, a new phase of  studying began.   Painting has been  part of  my  life since   very  early  childhood.

Now a training in an  Art-school (P.Pollock) ,Painting as a schooling-path, Goethes Colour-theory,Art-Therapy courses  and  a 3 ½ year of Biographic Counselling training  followed.

I started  working  in my own Studio, teaching classes in  Painting ,doing  Biographical  conselling work as well as very much enjoying  being a mother of  two beautiful  girls.  

I created more and more my own individual pathway with this work.

Working as a Teacher, Therapist and Artist, the healing aspects and qualities with  the support of this  artistic background   showed itself being  a  very fullfilling work for me.

A  training in  Cosmogetic Healing  followed.

I share a Praxis for counselling, work with groups and  individuals, give workshops   in Germany and Overseas, also  in Steinerschools.

I support personal inquiries,very gently bounderies get opened up to allow the full potential to unfold. Artistic exercises, cosmogetic healingwork  humour and a positive lifeapproach  support this process . This path has an ever  increasing depth to accomplish the healing. The strengthening of the healthy part within us is my  main  emphesis and  the continious growth.