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The fundamental qestion of COLOUR and FORM is mainly the striving in my paintings. My background is Goethes Colour-Theory. This striving  is  independent of  the  spirit  and  issues  of  our  time. It exists apart from trends, tries to give the impression of something vital, healthy and fresh.

To live in the state of presence, which is inherent in the act of painting,together with the intention to give birth to something, which can be redeemed out of the material. This implies a deep longing to be confronted and surpass thel limitations of my personality and the challenge to  look  into the realm, which  I  do not  master, in  anticipation, of what can arise. It leads one step further, where  nothing can be  preconcieved.

The Material I use is mainly: Mineral Pigments, Bees Wax Binder, Ink, Water.

Painting-Workshops for Adults and for Children in Germany and Overseas.